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Are you looking at an old garage door in need of replacement? Well, it certainly is a possibility if you have owned your home for a few years and it wasn’t new when you bought it. Of course, there are other reasons you may need to have a new garage doors installation . Garage doors have many mechanical parts that suffer constant wear and tear. Between you using your garage door and the daily weather impacts, your garage door certainly takes a regular beating. Who can you go to for a stress free new garage door installation service?


New Garage Door Installation
West Covina CA

main goal is to help you with all your emergency garage door repairs and installations at the best and most affordable prices.


Pluto Garage Gate Contractor West Covina Has Your New Door!

We have all the best and newest makes and models of garage doors on the market today. Between our experience and our great customer service, we know you will be happy to have chosen us for your new garage doors installation. Our service technicians have years of practice in the field and the finest training we can give them. We have such a wide variety of garage doors to choose from that you may have trouble picking. Don’t worry, our service technicians can easily help you choose the best new door installation for your home.

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glass_garage_door Did we mention that we repair garage doors as well? Yes, if you are not ready to commit to a new garage doors installation, we will fix your old one. We even offer a free safety inspection with every service call we answer. Pluto Garage Gate Contractor West Covina is also open 24/7 year round! We have been serving West Covina for many years and our reputation was built on providing quality service to everyone that calls for our service. Speaking of calling, feel free to give us a call at (626) 500-0301 for more information on new garage door installations, and garage door repair services.

New Garage Doors:
*Long Panel
*Short Panel
*Flush Textured Panel
*Flush Smooth Panel
*Carriage Steel
*Carriage Wood
*Glass Metal
*Glass Wood
*Custom Garage Doors
*Optional Windows on Panel
*Optional Windows on Wood Garage Doors