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West Covina Wood Garage Door Repair & Installation

Are you looking for a fresh new look for your garage door? How about a wooden garage door? For some that may sound a little too old school and for others they may be questioning its durability. The fact is though that these garage doors are once again trending and their improved durability is part of the reason why. Not only do they have a classic but more realistic look, but they have a lot of character. Now you may be wondering where you can get one of these. Schedule your wood garage door installation at (626) 500-0301


Pluto Garage Gate Contractor West Covina Not Only Sells Wooden Garage Doors But Also Installs Them!

We have the best selection of wooden garage doors on the market and we have the best installation technicians to put them in. We have those bragging rights through years of excellent service and experience. Whether you want a traditional steel door or a nice new wooden one, we have you covered 100%! Our customer service oriented techs will make sure the door fits the specs that you want right down to the finish of the door. Interested? Give us a call at (626) 500-0301. We have been installing these great doors in the West Covina area for many years and the first ones we installed still work and look great.

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Still worried about durability of a wood garage door? Do not be, because these doors are pressured and weather treated to withstand more than even your traditional steel garage doors. They do not rust and they do not rot. Worst case scenario is that you will have to repaint them at some point. That is unlikely though as even the paint used on them is guaranteed for years! We are open twenty-four hours a day all year round. So feel free to call us to schedule your new wooden garage door installation today at (626) 500-0301!